Our founder, Katie Adams, has worked with the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF ATE) program for nearly a decade. The NSF ATE program is increasing the nation's pipeline of skilled, educated and credentialed technicians by supporting two-year Institutions of Higher Education committed to creating curriculum, professional development opportunities and tools, career pathways for technician education. Katie has developed winning, multi-million dollar grants, effective digital communications and dissemination strategies, and customized content in her work with:


Katie has deep experience providing community college-based NSF ATE Centers with key services including:

Contact us or reach Katie directly (kadams@apprenticeshipservices.com or (757) 753-5352) to learn how we can help you prepare a competitive grant proposal and/or create and implement proven content strategies after receiving an award.

Enjoying the @USChamber 2019 Cybersecurity Summit and seeing clear implications for #workforce #development and #upskilling to ensure strong, secure systems #CYBER19

1 in 4 American workers say they don't have the skills or training needed to move into available career advancement opportunities. (2018 American Workers Survey @Prudential) #Apprenticeship can provide that training and provide #industry #leaders with skilled workers. @USDOL

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