Let's Build Your Solution!

Your supervisors, managers and HR staff are busy. Without the knowledge or experience in creating an apprenticeship or workforce training program from scratch, your staff can be overwhelmed.

We save you time, money and headaches by designing high-quality apprenticeship or workforce training programs to meet your critical occupational needs. We are USDOL OA-certified apprenticeship specialists with deep experience in helping companies start or expand apprenticeship and workforce training programs. We can help you build a program by:

  • Pursuing funding - identifying potential funding sources (federal, state, nonprofit, etc.), and demonstrated success in writing winning proposals for grant or contract funding, as well as help accessing non-competitive funding to support your apprentices and overall program (i.e. WIOA funding, TAA funds, VA and GI Bill benefits, etc.)
  • Identifying critical occupations - clarifying key short-term and long-term workforce needs, and then aligning those occupations with existing training models
  • Laying out on-the-job training (OJT) plans - analyzing jobs tasks to create a plan for customized OJT ensuring that your employees gain critically-needed skills
  • Creating a related technical instruction (RTI) outline - developing an outline of potential courses/related technical instruction to complement on-the-job learning, and identifying relevant educational providers, courses and curriculum
  • Registering with federal or state agencies - if you choose to formally register your apprenticeship program through USDOL or your state's apprenticeship agency we can:
    • ensure that your program meets existing regulations,
    • interpret and clarify policies governing registered apprenticeship training programs, and
    • prepare and submit registration paperwork
  • Engaging stakeholders - facilitating discussions with internal departments, leadership, and labor and management representatives to get program buy-in and resolve key issues
  • Developing partnerships - identifying and creating supportive networks with:
      • Educational Institutions (public school systems, 2-year technical and community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities)
      • Local and State Workforce Boards 
      • Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizations
      • Workforce Intermediaries (i.e. associations, trade groups, etc.)
  • Administering your program - development of customized tools, in-house presentation materials, and other program implementation resources
  • Training your mentors - delivery of customized materials and/or 1 day onsite sessions to equip supervisors in effective mentoring techniques

An absolute pleasure to speak at the @NISTcyber conference on the @SafalPartners cyber #Apprenticeship program and @USDOL work and showcase our terrific partners at @mcleodis1 and @PVAMU!

Thrilled to be presenting on #ISSAWebConf about @SafalPartners work with @USDOL to expand apprenticeship programs for critically-needed IS occupations.

#apprenticeships #cybersecurity #workforce

Excited to be speaking at NAWDP 38th Annual Conference on ⁦@SafalPartners⁩ work with ⁦@USDOL⁩ to advance #apprenticeship and provide workforce TA.
#nawdpAC22 #AC22 #TheStakesAreHigh #WorkforceReimagined

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