Sustain Your Program's Success

High-quality workforce training and development programs require ongoing support to be sustainable. ASG can help your organization by providing...

  • Program Modifications - assisting with program updates as your workforce needs evolve
  • Reporting - maintaining records and submitting required paperwork (i.e. apprentice registration forms, DOL or state apprenticeship agency performance measures, etc.) if you choose to register your program
  • Related Technical Instruction - reviewing RTI options that align with program and provide your employees with the knowledge needed to attain key competencies, credentials and certifications
  • Presentation Development - creating unique presentation materials including speeches, PowerPoints, webinars, etc. for internal and external audiences to drive support and engagement
  • On-site Visits - to help supervisors ensure that programs conform with training standards

Workers know that virtually every employer in the U.S. is impacted by #COVID19. What they WANT to know is how far their employer is willing to go to take care of them. What companies do now for their workforce will shape employee perception and preference for years to come.

Scott Galloway@profgalloway

Taking care of your employees = best marketing right now

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