Sustain Your Program's Success

High-quality workforce training and development programs require ongoing support to be sustainable. ASG can help your organization by providing...

  • Program Modifications - assisting with program updates as your workforce needs evolve
  • Reporting - maintaining records and submitting required paperwork (i.e. apprentice registration forms, DOL or state apprenticeship agency performance measures, etc.) if you choose to register your program
  • Related Technical Instruction - reviewing RTI options that align with program and provide your employees with the knowledge needed to attain key competencies, credentials and certifications
  • Presentation Development - creating unique presentation materials including speeches, PowerPoints, webinars, etc. for internal and external audiences to drive support and engagement
  • On-site Visits - to help supervisors ensure that programs conform with training standards

Enjoying the @USChamber 2019 Cybersecurity Summit and seeing clear implications for #workforce #development and #upskilling to ensure strong, secure systems #CYBER19

1 in 4 American workers say they don't have the skills or training needed to move into available career advancement opportunities. (2018 American Workers Survey @Prudential) #Apprenticeship can provide that training and provide #industry #leaders with skilled workers. @USDOL

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