Communicating Your Competitive Advantage

Having an apprenticeship or workforce training program can set your organization apart as a preferred employer. Developing the communications strategy and pieces to market your program - to potential employees, educational partners, public and private funders - is key to a successful, sustainable program.

With more than 30 years of experience ASG specializes in developing and executing successful content development and marketing communications plans. We can help you with:

  • Overall Marketing Strategy and Planning - teach, create and consult on effective workforce engagement marketing strategy including:
    • connecting outbound and inbound marketing initiatives
    • SEO (search engine optimization) and search strategies
    • branding
    • social media
    • email marketing
    • website design, content strategy and maintenance
    • content management system (CMS) selection and training
    • content auditing and multi-purposing
    • editorial planning
  • Content Development - research and development of customized search-engine optimized content for B2B and B2C audiences including:
    • website materials
    • blog posts
    • ebooks
    • webinars
    • videos
    • podcasts
    • social media posts
    • drip marketing email content
    • articles for newspaper and industry trade publication placement
    • digitally-linked promotional material (i.e. posters, brochures, flyers, etc.)

In addition we can train and advise your communications staff on:

  • Event Planning - developing and executing all aspects of event planning for internal and external audiences to meet marketing goals
  • Public Relations - ┬áincluding media relations, news content development and dissemination, and crisis communications


Apprenticeships can offer experiential learning for students and fill career gaps for employers. Read Urban Institute's case study on CareerWise, an organization focused on connecting employers to young people, and the key considerations for piloting apprenticeships in your org.

Effective talent development means investing in training equipment. #Covid_19 has accelerated use of
#Virtual training modalities. Employers and #CTE educators should consider these investments.

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There's no doubt you'll be using virtual trainers in fall. Here are our Top 10:

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