Apprenticeship is a proven method of workforce development. In fact more thanĀ 80% of American companies wth an apprenticeship program say it has helped them meet their demand for skilled workers.

There are several compelling reasons your organization should consider working with ASG to build an apprenticeship or workforce training program that meets your critical occupational needs.

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Address Shifting Workforce Demographics

More than 4 million blue collar, white collar and "no collar" Americans are retiring from the workforce annually. Don't watch workers with decades of valuable experience and expertise just walk out the door. Have a plan in place to capitalize on your investment by transferring their knowledge to the next generation of workers.

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Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to train employees and prepare the next generation of corporate leaders. They have proven to increase productivity, boost employee loyalty and retention, lower staff turnover and associated costs, and create positive ROI. On average, employers with apprenticeship program report a $1.47 benefit for every $1 spent (USDOL). As full-time employees, apprentices contribute toward revenue generation which offsets companies' associated training costs.


Boosting Worker Loyalty

Today's workers expect to change jobs - and employers - many times over the course of their work life. Millennials will change jobs an average of four times during their first decade out of college, compared to about two job changes by Gen Xers in their first ten years out of college. A whopping 93% of employees said they "would stay with a company longer if it invested in my career" (LinkedIn). Apprenticeship and workforce training programs provide workers with the opportunity to learn new skills and get a clear picture of their long-term career pathway in your organization.

Next Steps...

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